How far is it to Glacier National Park?
52 miles

Is Flathead Harbor Resort Pet friendly?

Mostly! Furry friends are completely welcome in our RV Park. All our cabins are pet friendly, for a $25 / night fee.

I'm staying at the Resort, can I get mail delivered?

You may receive mail at the park. If you have it sent by the US Postal Service use this address:
Flathead Harbor Resort For: Your name, PO Box 312 Lakeside, MT  59922

If you use UPS or FEDEX, use this address:  7140 US HWY 93S, Lakeside, MT  59922

Is smoking allowed on the resort?

Cabins and condo rooms are NON SMOKING.

Why does the website take me to a website called MySites?

We do all of our booking through MySites. Our website is intended for informational purposes only. Prices and availability are subject to change.

Where can I get propane?

Just down the road at Exxon City Market and Deli

Where can I get a fishing license?
Ace Hardware, across from Blacktail Grocery.

What are things to do in Lakeside, MT?

Flathead Harbor - Jet Ski & Boat rentals - Gas  

Far West Boat Tours - 1.45 hour cruises on Flathead Lake aboard the Far West ship!

Harbor Grille - The only thing better than the food, are the views. Live music every Thursday and Saturday

Bear Grass Bistro - high-end dining in Lakeside

Mavericks - Bar, Restaurant and Casino

Volunteer Park - Lakeside's beautiful new public park a part of Flathead's 181 miles of shoreline

What are things to do outside of Lakeside?

Blacktail Mountain Ski Area

Hiking in the Flathead National Forest

Glacier National Park

Whitefish Ski & Summer Resort

Wild Horse Island State Park

Mo Fisch Charters

Glacier Guides Montana Raft

Golf Northwest Montana

How far is it to Kalispell or Bigfork?
Kalispell – 12 Miles, Bigfork – 15 Miles.

How late are the Laundry and Restrooms open?
24 hours

What's Flathead Harbor Resort's Address?

7140 US-93, Lakeside
MT 59922, United States

What's the phone number to call for the RVs, Luxury Condos & Cabins?

Phone: 406-844-BAOT (2628) ext 3

I want to host an event, can I reserve the Resorts pavilion?

Yes! The pavilion is a perfect place to gather.  Call to reserve it at 406-844-2628. Our Pavilion Seats 180 guests comfortably
Gas BBQ included for your use!

How much does it cost to reserve the pavilion?

Be sure to book in advance to ensure a successful event! It costs $250 half day/$400.00 full day + cleaning deposit required

This is the first time I will go fishing on Flathead Lake, do I need a guide?
Yes – Recommended: Mo Fisch Charters – Lakeside, Montana.
Phone: (406) 755-4414
Web Site:

Are there Golf Courses in the area?
There are 12 courses in the area.

What payment forms does Flathead Harbor Resort accept?

We accept all major credit cards!

Can anyone use the gas BBQ's under the covered pavilion?
BBQ’s are for family reunions, rally's, etc. Reservations with rental and cleaning deposit required.

How big is Flathead Lake?
The lake is approximately 15 miles wide, 28 miles long and 380+ feet in depth.

What Mountain ranges are those across the lake?
The beginning of the Mission Mountain Range is in the foreground. The larger ones behind them are the Swan Range.

What is the Flathead Lake Monster?
Flathead Lake Monster is a legend similar to Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster. Some people claim they have seen a huge serpent type of fish while others believe it to be a school of fish that swim close together and appears to be one huge fish. Others believe it is just a big Sturgeon.

What type of fish are in Flathead Lake?
There are several: Mack (Lake Trout), Pike, Whitefish, Cuthroat, Bull Trout, Perch, Sunfish, Walleye and Squawfish.